Consulting skills or the art of stakeholders management

When I started my career as a UX Designer, I quickly realised that my verbal and written communication skills were actually more important than ever. I also discovered that changing users behaviour often starts by changing business behaviour, when new to the user-centred design process.

I have discovered the importance of managing key stakeholders effectively, here are my 10 key takeaways:

  1. Always start by listening and don’t say anything until you have carefully listen to everyone
  2. Never assume that your stakeholders know the design process
  3. Explain clearly why you are there and how you will help them
  4. Repeat information as many times as required, and verify their understanding of it
  5. Seek friends within the team that believe in the design process
  6. Pick your battles and bite your tongue when required
  7. Isolate people that produce work for you from internal battles, in that way they can focus on what they do
  8. Getting out of the office for stakeholders workshop helps a lot
  9. If a stakeholder becomes condescendant with you, maintain a professional attitude and keep your chin up
  10. Celebrate success with a nice cup of coffee and praise your team member.

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