My work

What type of designer are you?

I will always start by listening to your objectives, then I will list all assumptions surrounding the challenge, and sometimes question existing beliefs within the team. Once I have framed the design challenge, I will deploy a continuous user research program for us to learn. I will use these learnings to improve or create entirely new experiences.

To design, I begin with pen and paper and then progressively refine the experience with softwares like Axure, Sketch or InVision Studio. While iterating on the design, I will frequently request feedback from customers. I will also seek additional views from the team and other designers using Zeplin or through a design critique session.

Leading by coaching is also something I love doing, I have found myself in different leadership roles, and it has been a great area for personal growth.

My top 5 Clifton Strengths are; individualisation, relator, achiever, learner and input.

My toolbox.

What is it like to work with you?

Your team will have as much transparency as possible to see my work; they will also have the ability to change the course of the work by providing feedback or participating in a sketching activity. I will make sure I create a sense of ownership for the entire team.

Recently I also helped to implement dual-track agile across a few delivery teams; it was a fascinating journey that enabled designers and the squads to thrive even better.

To make the work fun I design and faciliate workshops where everyone is involved, these workshops can be a design studio or a user story mapping exercise. Throughout the years, I have also learnt to work with remote teams based in differents parts of Australia, India and North America.

A workshop I designed and led.

What is your ideal workplace?

To deliver great products, I need freedom; freedom to do user research, to experiment, ask questions, collaborate with different teams, and be myself. You will get the best of my skills by placing me in a squad and give me the opportunity to train junior designers. I thrive in environments where contributors seek the best quality and can safely challenge each other.

A company with strong leadership that can rally everyone around a cause will excite me. I want to be in a team of missionaries, not mercenaries.

I am sceptical of quick wins culture; I value the time to step back, think and design. I perform best in a place that supports learnings, value differences and is comfortable with trying new ways of working.

My desk in a previous workplace.