What type of designer are you?

I always start by listening to the objectives of different stakeholders and understanding the context surrounding a team and the product. I also take the time to develop relationships with the team and other parts of the organisation. I will use diplomacy, tact and influence to navigate the stakeholder landscape.

As a design leader, I manage up by creating the relationship between design and the bottom line. I manage accross by developing relationships, and push resistance to acheive common goals. I manage down by providing coaching and mentoring while developing the design practice.

My DISC profile indicates that my behavioural style is "Id"; I am an optimist and very social person. As part of my leadership coaching, the coach organised a 360-degree feedback survey which helped me develop awareness about my leadership style.

My toolbox.

What is it like to work with you?

Your team will have as much transparency as possible to see my work; they will also have the ability to change the course of the work by being invited to provide continuous feedback. I will make sure I create a sense of ownership and collaboration for the entire team.

When working in an Agile team, I often advocate for dual-track agile, you will find me coaching teams to adopt the framework, or train UX designers to use it.

To make work more engaging and fun, I organise workshops where the team can contribute. I have also learnt to work with remote teams based in different parts of Australia, Singapore, India and North America.

A workshop I designed and led.

What is your ideal workplace?

I will thrive in an environment that provides freedom from controls and minutiae, freedom to experiment, freedom to travel around the organisation.

You will get the best of my skills by giving me challenging assignments, and lead a small team of designers. I also love environments where contributors seek the best quality and can safely challenge each others.

A company with strong leadership that can rally everyone around a cause, will excite me. A strong product management team and tech team is something I also value deeply. I want to be in a team of missionaries, not mercenaries.

I perform best in a place that supports learnings, value differences, and is comfortable with modern ways of working.

My desk in a previous workplace.