6 rules to be a successful teacher


For the past year and a half, I have been doing a lot of teaching at General Assembly Melbourne and Tractor. The reason behind this is because when I started in the design industry, I had no other support than the UX community and my books. Obviously that wasn’t good enough! So I decided to change the game for newcomers, and give classes.


It is rewarding and I highly recommend to everyone passionate by their job, to get out there and start teaching. If you are lucky, you might also end up teaching in your own company, I thank Symplicit for giving me this opportunity.


Thinking of teaching? Here are six rules I have discovered to be a successful teacher:

  1. Share your story, so that your students can reflect on their journey and also connect with you
  2. A classroom is like a TV Show; make sure that the audience is involved and have heaps of fun
  3. Be passionate but not geeky, providing a simple content is the key
  4. Educative materials could randomly appear on your Twitter timeline, so keep an eye out for it
  5. Getting bogged down in a long discussion with challenging student is bad, see rule 2
  6. Refine your content and make sure you don’t get bored overtime, because teaching must remain fun!



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