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Taking control of your professional development

The sad truth is that many companies don’t take professional development seriously, rare are those companies that make it a priority and don’t just say “it will happen on the job”. It is a shame, because without training, there is no growth for the employees and the business.   Most employees are pretty much at the […]

Effective method to design a workshop

Designing a workshop is one of the great aspect of my job. It can be a small workshop with a squad, or a large workshop involving different departments; designing and running a workshop is always fun. Over the years, I took time to refine the way I design workshops, and I wanted to share my […]

Onboarding a developer in your squad

During my time with the mobile app team at Target, I had the privilege to onboard several developers into the team, and I wanted to share what I did. As a UX Designer, I contribute to the onboarding by sharing the business goals and context, clarifying the involvement of my teammates in the design process, […]

Highlight from the bookshelf

In the past months, I focused on developing new behaviours and skills, and as part of the journey I have read some great books. These books helped me navigating topics such as; hiring, coaching, developing team values, and much more. Who: the A method for hiring To help the company hire new UX designers, I […]

Bridging the gap between two teams

This is a playbook relevant for UX Designers needing to collaborate with a completely different delivery team. In today’s retail world, customers use multiple channels to interact with one company. The complexity of our digital product sometimes leads to one product consuming resources from a different product, for example, a mobile app consuming web pages. […]

Retail Summit 2019

Last week I attended the Retail Summit, produced by Akolade at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. I saw world-renowned speakers talking about the digitisation: in-store and online. We also heard all things about the Asian market; from starting a business in Asia to capture the trust of Asian consumers. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the second day […]

My 15 learnings since working on a mobile app

For the last four months, I have been working with an amazing team on the app of an iconic Australian retailer, Target. I have been learning many things since we started, so I decided to write about these learnings. The learnings I am about to share are all about the tool and technique I use […]

How to get a recruiter onboard for your user research needs

In this blog post, I am going to explain the typical process that medium and large size companies use to get a recruiter onboard, and prepare you for the journey. Using a recruiter increases your chances to source a set number of participants for a specific date. A recruiter can also allow you to tap […]

Was changing country 10 years ago a worthwhile move?

Next year will mark my 10th anniversary as a migrant, and I am asking myself “was it worth it?” Leaving friends and family is challenging, it is a huge sacrifice that I never really considered when I started travelling. I remember my first year in a commercial environment in one of the biggest city in […]

UX Australia 2018

Like in many professions, there is relevance to get out of the building and talk about what we do as product designers. Steve Baty and his team did a fantastic job in delivering an outstanding event, I also had the privilege to catch up with all my friends and ex-colleagues from all around Melbourne; I […]

Highlight from the bookshelf

I continuously feed my mind with amazing books, and I love sharing those for everyone to enjoy. Here is the top 5 of the books I have read during this first half of the year. Principles Ray Dalio was the CEO of Bridgewater, one of the most significant hedge funds in the world; Ray is […]

How to create a limited release for a digital product

What is a limited release? A limited release consists of having a small sample of customers using a whole product, not just one feature, over an extended period and outside of a lab environment. It is one of the most expensive ways of testing a product because it has little to no defects and nearly […]

Product design: a mini guide to get the design started

This blog post details a 6 step-by-step guide that can enable a discovery team to set the ground before designing and developing a feature. TL;DR Organise a meeting (maximum 2 hours) with the discovery team, focus on one feature at the time: Define the idea behind the feature (10 minutes) List your assumptions (10 minutes) […]

Highlight from the bookshelf

Once again, I have been thrilled to enlarge my horizons and discover new perspectives through books. I wanted to share my 5 favourite books of 2017. Speaking of India For the first time in my career, I am working with a fantastic development team based in India. Before that, I knew very little about India; […]

The day I met Jeff Patton

Do you remember the last time you have been enlightened about a work-related thing? It was a nice feeling, isn’t it? That delightful sensation of newly acquired knowledge, the confirmation of deep belief, the sense of accomplishment. This is exactly what happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit, I don’t get […]